Budget airline Jetstar is preparing to squeeze an extra six passengers onto the majority of its Australian domestic and short-haul international flights, as it overhauls its fleet of Airbus A320s.

The airline will add an extra row, by installing new, slimmer seats, and reducing the size of the aircraft toilets and galleys.

Jetstar Australia CEO Dean Salter says the redesigned cabins won’t affect passenger leg room.

“This is the latest cabin design from Airbus, which is smarter about the way space is used on the aircraft and allows for an extra row of seats and more baggage space,” he said.

Shifting equipment storage areas will allow for the creation of up to six extra overhead lockers. Much of the work will be carried out in Brisbane, with the first refurbished aircraft due to take to the skies later this year.

The airline says the redesign won’t affect passenger legroom.

The airline confirmed the plans as it revealed an underlying profit of $417 million, as part of parent Qantas’ full year results.

The result was down $35 million on the previous financial year. A320s make up the bulk of Jetstar’s domestic fleet, and are currently fitted with 180 seats. The refit will lift that to 186 seats, giving it an economic edge over budget rival Tigerair, whose A320s and Boeing 737s carry 180 people.

Jetstar expects to have 43 aircraft refurbished by the end of next year.

This article was originally published on 9news.com.au