Now that the New Year has arrived, why not make a resolution to travel somewhere truly extraordinary! The following destinations make for exciting holidays which aren’t often travelled to, so you can experience adventure without mass tourism, allowing for a truly unique experience.


It’s the African country few people can point out on a map but makes for a great introduction to this beautiful continent. Most people heading to Africa choose the Serengeti region of Tanzania and Kenya, South Africa, or Egypt for its pyramids.  However, Namibia offers just as much beautiful scenery, prolific wildlife, and adventure.

Namibia is one of Africa’s safest countries and one where self guided tours can easily be undertaken. Explore the shipwrecks of the Skeleton Coast, the abundant wildlife of Etosha National Park, and the beautiful sands of vast deserts like the Kalahari and Namib.


Visitors to South America often overlook Bolivia in favour of countries like Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and Chile. Bolivia offers travellers a wealth of adventure without the mass tourism.

Experience the otherworldly Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, or take a Totora reed boat upon the waters of Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest navigable lake. Explore the ancient ruins of Tiwanaku and Pumapunku, seek out Amazonian wildlife in Madidi National Park, or take in the eccentric Witches’ Market of La Paz.


Indonesia is no secret to Australians; however, few travel to its island of Sumatra. Most Australian travellers tend to choose the islands of Bali, Java, or Lombok for their holiday.

Sumatra is home to a variety of cultures and has an abundance of rare wildlife which includes orangutans, tigers, rhinos, and elephants. Lush jungles, deserted beaches, and menacing volcanoes await the adventurous traveller.

Esperance, Western Australia

Sticking closer to home, 700 kilometres southeast of Perth you’ll find the incredible pink lakes of Esperance. A less than two hour flight from Perth will take you to this magical place, where you can witness the bubblegum coloured lakes like Pink Lake and Lake Hillier.

Take a scenic helicopter flight for stunning aerial views or head out on a cruise to get up close and personal with the pink lakes. The area also offers wonderful diving and snorkelling opportunities via the Recherche Archipelago, abundant land based outdoor recreation, and the Esperance Museum which houses debris from the United States’ first space station Skylab, which fell from space on the area in 1979.

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